Innovating Companies Caused Global Collapse and Musk's Birth

Who is the most imaginative person to have ever lived? These days, Google will give you a depressing response if you ask the question: Elon Musk.

When I search for "Elon Musk" and "creativity," 17.2 million items come up on Google. In contrast,  

there are only 15.9 million results when I match "creativity" with Mozart, 12.1 million with Michelangelo, 

4.4 million with Albert Einstein, 4.4 million with Archimedes, and a pitiful 2.4 million with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Musk is clearly not the most inventive guy to have ever lived. Reciting his name in the same breath as Da Vinci, 

Einstein, Mozart, or Michelangelo offends reason. Nevertheless, this search engine exercise is instructive because it demonstrates how fully Musk ,

embodies the mistaken modern belief that creativity is the quintessential virtue of our time, 

as masterfully argued in Samuel W. Franklin's The Cult of Creativity: A Surprisingly Recent History, one of the best books I read in 2023.

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