Inside Opry NextStage's search for country's next superstar

The Opry NextStage program stands as a pivotal stepping stone in the country music industry,  

, serving as a launchpad for emerging talents destined to make significant waves in the genre.  

discerning eye for raw potential and its ability to propel artists toward industry acclaim. 

The Grand Ole Opry's initiative, Opry NextStage, functions as a beacon for identifying the "next big thing" in country music, providing a platform for promising artists 

to showcase their talents. In the case of Lainey Wilson, her journey from being a member of the Opry NextStage class to clinching the Entertainer 

the Year honor at the CMA Awards highlights the program's ability to recognize exceptional talent at its inception. 

The 2023 class comprises a diverse array of budding artists: Ashley Cooke, Chapel Hart, Corey Kent, ERNEST, Ian Munsick 

bringing their individual flair and passion to the country music landscape. Their recent participation in a special Opry performance,  

hosted by none other than Lainey Wilson herself, signifies not only the Opry's investment in these talents but also the supportive community it fosters among burgeoning artists. 

What distinguishes these individuals is not just their talent but also their industry recognition.  

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