Instagram users dislike Olivia Dunne's NHL participation.

During Christmas break, the social media influencer went to a New Jersey Devils game.Following her recent visit at an NHL game, 

Olivia Dunne, the gymnastics sensation and social media influencer, found herself embroiled in controversy. 

Hockey fans were not happy by Dunne's attendance at the New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings game, despite her popularity on social media and association with MLB draftee Paul Skenes. 

Dunne shared a collection of pictures from the game on Instagram along with the message, 

"Put me in coach."Her lighthearted comment, however, did not sit well with the NHL community,  

who voiced their disapproval in the comments area.Some fans made note  ,

of what they thought was Dunne's ignorance of the sport; one said, "Wrong sport.  

If you're going to flood us with your fakeness, at least make sure your references are accurate."

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