Integrated Zoonotic Disease Action (ZODIAC)

– ZODIAC Initiative Purpose: Established by IAEA in June 2020 for global pandemic prevention, focusing on zoonotic diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

– Integrated Approach: ZODIAC employs a systematic approach to enhance Member States' preparedness, rapid detection, and timely response to outbreaks caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses.

– Collaborative Support: Member States benefit from joint research, expert guidance, and technical support, with access to coordinated activities, training, expertise, and technology packages.

– Research and Innovation Focus: ZODIAC emphasizes research, development, and innovation using immunological, molecular, nuclear, and isotopic techniques to address zoonotic diseases.

– Immediate Outcome Availability: Outcomes of IAEA-led research efforts are promptly accessible to institutions participating in ZODIAC, enhancing global response capabilities.

– International Collaboration: ZODIAC leverages joint laboratories with FAO, collaborating with WHO and OIE under the One Health approach, integrating human and animal health expertise.

– Pathogen Scope: ZODIAC targets a range of zoonotic diseases, including coronaviruses, Zika virus, avian influenza viruses, and other yet unknown pathogens.

– Decision Support System: Provides access to scientific and diagnostic data, offering a decision-making support system for authorities to make timely, science-based decisions.

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