Iowa's Caitlin Clark beats buzzer with 3-pointer from the logo to sink Michigan State

Michigan State was looking for an upset Tuesday night.

Caitlin Clark had different plans. At the buzzer, the Iowa All-American sank the Spartans with a pull-up 3-pointer from the logo. Clark finished with 40 points to lead Iowa to a 76-73 victory.

Clark almost missed the shot as the No. 4 Hawkeyes hastily put it up as time expired. Hannah Stuelke, 

on the other hand, passed the ball to Clark at the top of the 3-point line just in time for Clark to regain her balance.

Clark does beat the buzzer – but barely, with a hand in her face and no time to spare.

It slipped from her grasp just as the red light on the backboard signified the conclusion of regulation.

Iowa posted a photo of the ball leaving Clark's hands with 0.1 seconds remaining, sparking debate on social media about whether she got it off in time

The clock on the Peacock broadcast was not properly synced with the game clock, causing uncertainty. 

Clark's game-winning shot capped a back-and-forth affair that began late in the second quarter

 Iowa took a 25-17 lead in the first quarter, which it increased to 30-21 midway through the second. Michigan State responded with a 17-5 run to take a 37-35 lead into the break

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