Jada Pinkett Smith's Mirror Selfie Sparks Online Fat Joe Joke

Social media users are talking about Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith once more, but not because of her contentious marriage to actor Will Smith.

The actress posted a selfie of herself in which she wore some of her favorite pieces of fashion this year. 

The picture appeared to be innocent, but internet users quickly began comparing it to other well-known bald men—Fat Joe and The Rock, in particular—and how she posed.

Jada Pinkett Smith rang in the new year with a stylish mirror selfie that she posted on social media.

The actress caused a stir in 2023 when she disclosed details about her marriage to Will Smith during on book tour for her biography, "Worthy."

Jada looked great in the picture, sporting leg warmers, a chunky winter coat, cream slacks, and dark sunglasses as accessories.

As she leaned back to take a mirror selfie, she looked stylish. The picture was captioned by Jada with the words, "I think jean leg warmers is where it's at for me in 2024."

The mother of two looked gorgeous in the picture, but her attire and posture have led to comparisons to WWE legend The Rock and well-known rapper Fat Joe.

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