James, the home secretary for the UK, cleverly says sorry for making fun of cocaine used for rape.

Someone made fun of British Home Secretary James Cleverly on Sunday for talking about date rape just hours after he said he would crack down on what he called a "perverse" crime.

Cleverly was asked to step down after he was said to have joked about drugging his wife at an event at the prime minister's home. 

He is in charge of national security and law enforcement in England and Wales.

He told women at a party on December 18 that the key to a long marriage was to make sure your partner "is always mildly sedated so she can never realize there are better men out there," according to the Sunday Mirror.

Smartly said that "a little bit of Rohypnol" (the so-called "date rape drug" in English) "in her drink every night" was "not really illegal if it's only a little bit."

When crushed and mixed into someone's drink without their knowledge, the drug is called a "roofie." It makes the person sleepy and can even make them lose awareness and their memory.

Cleverly said sorry through a spokesperson for what he called a "ironic joke" after saying that the Conservative government was going to

change the law to make it clear that this kind of drink spiking is against the law. He said that the act was a "perverse" crime.

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