Jason Aldean Already Had the Most Contemptible Country Song of the Decade. The Video Is Worse

The increasingly combative singer Jason Aldean has a different view of what country music should represent: two chords and a pounding, 

 or maybe a shotgun blast. Country music used to take pleasure in being about "three chords and the truth."

Considering how many attempts are made to write the Great American Small Town Anthem in a single year, Aldean's

"Try That in a Small Town" is almost certainly the most cynical song ever written about the implied moral superiority of having few neighbors. 

 If nothing else, the majority of them at least gave the impression that they were honoring local pride rather than bigotry.

 However, Aldean is concerned about the constant possibility of attack on small towns.

At a village council meeting, Aldean can be seen standing up to keep the outsiders out. 

 The outsiders will first come to your quaint vintage shops off the interstate and then return with their BLM protests and Molotov cocktails

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