Kelly Clarkson Bears Witness as Couple Gets Married at Her New Year’s Eve 2024 Concert in Las Vega

Some individuals wait their entire lives for a moment like this! Kelly Clarkson made a unique

New Year's Eve experience for two fans by witnessing their wedding during her Las Vegas residency.

A fan uploaded video footage of the lovely encounter to YouTube on Monday, January 1, showing the pop diva conversing with two men about their wedding,

which they planned to have that night during her "Chemistry" residency at Planet Hollywood's Bakkt Theater

 The pair, Ryan and Marcelo, were married in front of Kelly, 41, by an officiant.   "We've been together for 14 years, 15 in January," Ryan said as he informed Kelly of their desire to marry with her as a witness. 

The American Idol alum was overjoyed to assist and immediately requested that the officiant "say something." 

He read the couple's vows and declared them husband and wife "by the power of Kelly Clarkson's show"

As the singer and the audience applauded. Ryan and Marcelo kissed and posed for a selfie with Kelly.

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