Kenny Chesney Introduces Life-Spanning Love Song “Take Her Home”

Kenny Chesney, a well-known country musician, released his first new song of 2023.

Today, November 10, sees the release of "Take Her Home," which continues the imagery-driven theme of earlier singles like "There Goes My Life."

The song continues the Tennessee native's sound transition toward modern pop country's slightly rock-infused production style, moving away from breezy, beach-ready songs.

HARDY's backing vocals contribute to the song's genre-bending feel, even if the song's lyrics remain faithful to Chesney's style of conventional narrative.

The well-known narrative of a man meeting a companion who supports him throughout his wild adolescence and into fatherhood is a poignant one for the country music icon.

In a statement, Chesney stated, "I just laughed when I heard 'Take Her Home.'" In fewer than four minutes, it was all that life is comprised of. 

It's real, sincere, and everything that's simple to overlook. All those little things, all those details? The 7-pound, 5-ounce infant, the deep-cut Cheap Trick, the pink-and-black luggage in the truck's rear?

That's what characterizes these kinds of life transitions. It's funny, too, because you're afraid no matter what level you're at. That's how you can be certain it will be worthwhile.

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