Kim Kardashian criticizes ‘wasteful’ winter wonderland house makeover

Fans have criticized Kim Kardashian on social media over her holiday home remodel, calling it "wasteful" and "out of touch."

In a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, December 31, Kardashian, 43, disclosed that she had turned her Los Angeles property into a "winter wonderland," complete with a jungle of Christmas trees covered in artificial snow.

The brief video, which was timed to Babyface's song "Winter Wonderland," showed that a thick covering of snow had also coated the grounds outside her expansive Calabasas house.

In reaction, a number of supporters claimed that the creator of Skims was "out of touch with any reality" given the millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet and his "excessive" display of wealth.

"Inefficient. One comment said, "All of that could have fed a few hundred people."

"It's getting old seeing you flaunt your wealth when we're all struggling here."

"I have mad respect for your family creating a successful dynasty," another commenter said. You are all really impressive and talented. However, this is just so disconnected from reality.

A third reviewer said, "The amount of money spent on this could've helped so many."

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