King Charles breaks royal tradition with controversial decision

The Sunday Times claims that King Charles made a fresh appointment that defies royal tradition. 

Homeopathy and Christian healers fan Dr. Michael Dixon, 71, is his royal medical household chief, appointed by Queen Elizabeth II.

His predecessors included a gastrointestinal specialist, nephrology professor, and Royal College of Physicians president. 

In 2005, Sir Huw Thomas became royal medical household chief and knighted. He helped care for the Princess of Wales during her pregnancy and the births of

Princess Charlotte in 2015 and Prince Louis three years later. He was an Imperial College London gastrointestinal genetics professor.

 While working two days a week at an NHS GP office in Devon, Dr. Dixon has produced papers supporting Christian healing for the chronically ill and believing "

"the effects of homeopathy may be real". 

The chief executive called homeopathy "at best a placebo" in 2017, therefore it was removed from the NHS. 

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