Kiss Announces ‘New Era’ With Digital Avatars Following Final Concert in New York

Kiss will live on as digital avatars after their Madison Square Garden event. 

The iconic rockers—co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, guitarist Tommy Thayer, and drummer Eric Singer— 

Surprised fans by announcing they would continue as computerized replicas of themselves at the encore of their last gig on Saturday (Dec. 2). 

“Kiss Army, your love, your power, has made us immortal!” vocalist/guitarist Stanley stated in a video of the virtual band performing “God Gave Rock and Roll to You.” “New Kiss era stars now!” 

After Kiss' End of the Road farewell tour show, the group posted a two-minute YouTube video previewing their future chapter. 

Simmons says, “The future is so exciting,” as the band wears motion capture suits to create their high-tech avatars. Stanley says, “We can live on eternally.” 

Associated Press reports that George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic and Sweden's Pophouse Entertainment Group produced Kiss' avatars. They worked together on ABBA Voyage, a virtual concert by the Swedish pop group, in London. 

Kiss may perform in three cities on three continents in one night. You can accomplish it with this, Pophouse CEO told AP. 

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