KISS Rocker Gene Simmons's Las Vegas party is over.

– Gene Simmons, KISS rocker, sold his Las Vegas mansion and adjacent lot for $11 million after less than two years of ownership.

– Acquired in May 2021 for $8.2 million, he purchased the neighboring parcel with over 100 trees for an additional $2.6 million.

– Total investment was $10.8 million, resulting in a modest return of $200,000, according to PropertyShark records.

– Simmons, known for his "Demon" stage persona, moved to Nevada for tax benefits but mentioned his family was less enthusiastic about the relocation.

– The glitzy Sin City mansion and half-acre lot provided a luxurious setting for the rock icon's brief residency.

– The sale was reported by TMZ, highlighting the end of Simmons' time "rock-n-rolling" in Las Vegas.

– The property boasted a vibrant atmosphere suitable for partying, in line with Simmons' legendary rock and roll lifestyle.

– Despite the short ownership duration, Simmons successfully navigated the real estate market with the profitable sale of his Vegas home.

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