Kyler Murray's heinous outburst has horrified the NFL. 

As long as Kyler Murray is on the team's list of players who are physically unable to perform, the Arizona Cardinals  ,  

have been without their starting quarterback thus far this year. After the team's fourth game of the season, he will be qualified to return to practice,   

but that doesn't guarantee he will.Kyler Murray's return to the field would be gradual, according to Arizona Cardinals head coach Mike Gannon,   

While touring for their Glory Days Tour, Chapel Hart gladly stopped to chat with us.

According to PHNX Sports, Gannon stated that "He's doing fine." "We are aware of the timeline for his return to play,   

but that does not guarantee that he will play again and open his window at that time.   

When he is prepared to play both physically and psychologically, we will start him.   

Additionally, he is aware that it will take him some time and practice for a few weeks to feel comfortable with what he is doing. I'm not rushing to finish that.  

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