La indecisión del Barça hace peligrar el fichaje de Messinho

"Messinho," also known as Estevao Willian, is considered to be one of the most significant joys in Brazilian football. El delantero del Palmeiras, who turned 16 years old 

and made his debut with the first team on December 6th, the same day that his team was declared the champion of the Brazilian championship,

is getting further and further away from having a relationship with Barcelona. Despite the fact that his dream is to wear the azure sands, as he stated in an interview with MD,

 the azure sands club, which is constrained by its economic situation, is not making any progress in this regard, which is a situation that is causing the player to begin the process of replanting his future.

The Palmeiras want the player to start making a decision despite the fact that they are under pressure from major teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Manchester United, 

and City to acquire Messinho. These teams are willing to pay him sixty million euros regardless of the situation. Messinho will reach the age of 17 on April 24, 2024, which means that 

 he will not be able to enter the European Union until the summer of 2025. However, the club known as "verdao" wants to close his contract and continue on the same path

that he has traveled with Endrick and Real Madrid. After signing him, he will remain with the Brazilian club until his age reaches a point where he is able to move to Europe.

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