Lionsgate Studios spinoff from Starz worth $4.6 billion

Details on the long-awaited split between its studios division and the Starz TV network and streaming division were revealed by Lionsgate. 

The company declared on Friday that it will merge with Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp., 

a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), to form a spin-off for its studio business, 

which includes its TV and film production and distribution segments and a content library with more than 18,000 titles.  

Closing of the deal is anticipated for spring of 2024.Investors will be able to assess the film and television industries as a publicly traded,  

independent company under the new Lionsgate Studios Corp. With numerous blue-chip investors having already committed $175 million,  

the sale is projected to raise about $350 million to fund strategic objectives.The acquisition, 

which values Lionsgate Studios at $4.6 billion, is a significant step toward Starz and the studios group's complete separation. 

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