Love Horoscope For December 19, 2023

Love should be easy, but relationships work. This week, Moon sexitle Pluto may make you consider where to draw the lines. Allow your heart to lead.


Taurus, you can learn. Changing yourself is hard, but for the right reasons, it may help you grow in love. If you let it, romance can enter your heart. Before starting, open your mind.


Trustworthy people should know your secrets. Think carefully about who you tell this week. Mercury retrograde may make it better to write than speak.


Many things can change instantly. Consider your relationship goals for this week. Try something easy like going on a date or learning about each other's lives.


Proceed slowly. You may be rushing to date someone you love. For now, slow down to sort out feelings and learn about your partner's needs, wants, fears, and longings.


Love finds way. Someone may win your heart. With the Moon in your house of commitments, you may find a soulmate or partner you instantly connect with.


Spend time with friends outside. Making social events a habit can introduce you to new people. Dating singles may be surprised how easy it is to meet someone in person rather than online. Try it and see.


Romance is ideal today. Find sweetness in romantic movies, books, and online love stories. Share sweet and sentimental content on social media. Be more open about love. Enjoy some in your own life.


You should spend time with people. This week, you enjoy a rewarding family gathering. You may even learn someone is pregnant. Fertility is high, especially if you want to conceive.


Conversations about serious topics can happen today. Ask your partner what they want from your relationship next year. That's a good time to have the 'discussion.'


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