Love Horoscopes For December 20, 2023

Be careful with words. Self-respect and self-love matter to you. When a partner withholds or doesn't give their all, you may feel slighted.


Taurus, don't overthink. Love-related questions may include intentions, feelings, thoughts, and self-doubts. This can cause conflict or misunderstandings


Friendships are great unless one betrays your trust. The Moon square Mercury transit increases the risk of friendship making you reveal too much. 


During the Moon square Mercury transit, you may feel like you have to earn someone's love. Consider healthy boundaries for growing close to yourself or others. 


Two people can build a home together, but if they disagree, it can feel like your relationship is breaking apart. Today is a good time to rekindle the romance 


Arguments aren't necessary just because someone wants to fight. During the Moon square Mercury transit, it may be easier to let things slide and cool. 


It's hard to show someone you love them when you're broke. Don't hesitate. Aim for a cute homemade gift. Instead of buying a gift, be the gift a person needs.


The Moon square Mercury transit today may affect home life. Cause of the issue? After identifying the cause of your relationship issues, you can accept responsibility and forgive. Enjoy the good stuff in love.


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