Luke Grimes of Yellowstone Discusses Hometown Conflict, Ryan Bingham's Impact

Prior to the release of his first country record, "No Horse to Ride," in 2022, Luke Grimes was an accomplished actor.

That does not imply that at the time of the single's release, the Yellowstone actor was unfamiliar with music. As a matter of fact, music has always been a part of his life. 

He didn't put a lot of effort into it, though, until last year. Grimes discussed his hometown and how working with Ryan Bingham on the set influenced his music in a recent interview.

Grimes made an appearance on Taste of Country Nights' most recent episode. He spoke a wide range of subjects with host Evan Paul when he was there, such as his hometown.

How he got his start in music, and the effects of hanging around with Bingham on the set of the popular television program Yellowstone. 

Grimes' first EP, Pain Pills or Pews, was released back in October. What he perceived as his sole possibilities in Dayton, Ohio, his hometown, are reflected in the title. 

The city used to have extraordinarily high overdose rates and was a key hub for the opioid crisis, which claims the lives of hundreds of Americans every day. He is a pastor's son at the same time.

Paul questioned Grimes about his "mixed feelings" toward his hometown in reference to the song "Oh, Ohio." Yes, Grimes answered. "I departed from Ohio. I obviously believed there might be more out there.

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