Mickey Mouse, who has been a symbol of copyright disputes for a long time, will become public domain–"It's Finally Happening"

He talked badly about Mickey Mouse in 1971, which was against the times. In his illegal comic book called "Air Pirates Funnies,"

the cute mouse was seen sneaking drugs into the house and having oral sex with Minnie.

As O'Neill had hoped, Disney sued him for stealing their work. He thought it was a legal joke. But after eight years in court,

he was given a fine that he couldn't pay. He promised not to draw Mickey Mouse ever again so he could stay out of jail.

O'Neill, 81, said over the phone from his home in Nevada City, Calif., "It's still a crime for me." “If I draw Mickey Mouse,

 I will have to pay Walt Disney $190,000 in fines, plus another $10,000 in legal fees. I will also have to serve one year in jail."

On January 1, Mickey and Minnie will be free to use by everyone. After that, Disney will no longer have the sole right to copy the earliest forms of the characters. 

Anyone who makes underground cartoons, movies, books, songs, or anything else will be able to do whatever they want with them.

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