Microsoft Uploads a Solo Copilot AI App to the Google Play Store

– Microsoft's Gift: Released Copilot, a free AI chatbot app for Android, silently challenging paid options.

– OpenAI Partnership: Integrates GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, utilizing GPT-Vision for text and image generation, offering sophistication akin to ChatGPT Plus.

– Diverse Functions: Copilot expands AI capabilities, enabling tasks like complex queries, visual creation, and document drafting.

– Copilot Brand Unification: Houses various AI services, including coding assistant and Cortana, under the Copilot brand for a unified product.

– Strategic Pivot: Breaks from subscription models like ChatGPT Plus, providing advanced AI features for free, competing with Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

– GPT-4 Power: Leverages GPT-4's nuanced understanding, attracting users wanting the latest AI without subscription costs.

– Android Exclusivity: Initially exclusive to Android, sparking speculation about an iOS version due to Apple's market share.

– Parallel to ChatGPT Release: Similar to ChatGPT, which launched on iOS first and later on Android, suggesting potential expansion to iOS for Copilot.

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