Netflix: ‘Extraction 2’ Topped Weekly Results Through July 2 With 17.5 Million View

For the third week in a row, the popular sequel Extraction 2 starring Chris Harmsworth topped all Netflix streaming titles, racking up 17.5 million views over the seven days that concluded on July 2.

In just three weeks, the film—which also topped the English-language movie chart—has received 102.5 million views worldwide.

With six million views, the original Extraction remained strong on the leader board for the third week.

Starring Jennifer Lopez The Mother has received 128.7 million views since its May 12 debut, placing it at No. 10 on Netflix's updated "most popular" chart (which is now based on 91 days of views). 

With 11 million views, the romantic comedy The Perfect Find, which starred Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers and was based on the Tia Williams novel, rose to the number two spot. 

The critically praised animated film Minoan (3.2 million views), which is based on ND Stevenson's web comic and graphic novel. 

And the psychological thriller Run Rabbit Run, starring Sarah Snook, with 8.4 million views, are also new additions to the movie chart. 

The documentarian Take Care of Maya (4.6 million views) and Sony Pictures' Matilda: The Musical (2.4 million views), both based on Roland Dahl, were among the returning films on the ranking. 

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