NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs need work, but they're not out. Mahomes, Patrick

Travis Kelce had a temper tantrum and threw his helmet. On the sideline, Andy Reid chastised his star tight end. 

Instead of endless pictures of Taylor Swift from CBS, we got constant reactions from Patrick Mahomes, who appeared frustrated and enraged. 

The Kansas City Chiefs were anticipated to easily defeat the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas. We witnessed something very different. In a surprising 20-14 loss, the Chiefs looked painfully mediocre. 

On the road, you can lose to the Bills, Eagles, Packers, or Broncos. But what about the Raiders? Are you at home? And just when you thought Mahomes would reach into his magic bag and return the Chiefs, he couldn't. 

The Chiefs are at their most vulnerable in Mahomes' tenure. They've dropped three of their last four games and are 3-5 since a 6-1 start. As individuals prepared their children's 

Christmas presents, there were numerous social media obituaries for the 2023 Chiefs. The Chiefs were killed, buried, then exhumed and buried again. 

It now appears grim, and everyone can see the problems. The attack lacks both continuity and explosiveness. They only scored 14 points against an average Raiders defense 

Mahomes couldn't pull the Chiefs back when he needed to. That's because, with the exception of Rashee Rice, his receivers aren't particularly good. Rice is also a rookie. 

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