NFL world reacts to Derek Carr announcement

It seems there might be a slight mix-up here. Derek Carr is actually the quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, not the New Orleans Saints.  

However, it's understandable that there might be confusion between players, especially during preseason discussions. 

Regarding the approach of resting key players, especially quarterbacks, in the final preseason game, 

it's a common strategy among NFL teams. Preserving starters and key players from unnecessary risk of injury 

the final preseason game is often a priority for teams.  

This decision allows them to ensure their key players are healthy and ready for the regular season opener. 

Resting Derek Carr (of the Las Vegas Raiders) in the last preseason game aligns with this strategy 

Coaches often use these games to evaluate depth players and make final roster decisions rather than risking injury to their established starters 

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