Nigel Lythgoe, the executive producer of American Idol and SYTYCD, is being sued by Paula Abdul for alleged sexual assault.

In a new case, Paula Abdul says Nigel Lythgoe sexually assaulted her more than once. 

The former judge of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday

It says that Lythgoe, who was an executive producer on both shows, sexually assaulted Abdul twice, once during the early seasons of Idol and once while she was on SYTYCD. He was also accused of sexually abusing her assistant, she said.

Abdul is suing the people who are being sued for sexual attack or battery, sexual harassment, violence against women, and negligence. The Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act was used to file the lawsuit. This law lets people sue for sexual abuse even after the time limit has passed.

The people who are being sued are Lythgoe, 19 Entertainment Inc., FremantleMedia North America Inc., American Idol Productions Inc., and Dance Nation Productions Inc.

People asked Lythgoe, Abdul, 19 Entertainment Inc., and FremantleMedia North America Inc. for comments, but they didn't reply right away. The suit says that American Idol Productions Inc. is a branch of Fremantle and that Dance Nation Productions Inc. is a branch of 19 Entertainment Inc.

People got copies of papers that say the first incident happened in the early 2000s, when Lythgoe, 74, and Grammy winner Abdul, 60, were both working on Idol. 

The suit says that Lythgoe raped Abdul, who was a judge on the show from 2002 to 2009, "while on the road for the regional audition" in one of the first seasons of Idol.

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