Odd Lie Betrayal: DW Johnson's Story

Even though Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had previously chronicled at least two ostensibly first visits to the burger establishment,  

he this weekend posted a video of his "first ever" encounter at In-N-Out.The 51-year-old former wrestler who is now an actor posted a video of his visit to In-N-Out,  

a well-known fast food restaurant on the West Coast, on Instagram on Saturday. 

Johnson met star-struck staff members at the In-N-Out drive-thru in the video. 

When Johnson was spotted placing seven orders for fries and three Double-Double burgers, a staff member inquired if it was 

"OK for me and my manager to take a picture with you." The celebrity complied, 

but not before making a road trip pretend.He was also observed making jokes and fist-bumping patrons and staff.  

Johnson said he doesn't speak Spanish when a customer spoke to him in that language. 

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