Optical Illusion IQ Test: Only Genius Can See Girl's Face In Forest In 13 Seconds

– Optical illusions, or visual illusions, deceive the eye through image arrangement, colors, light sources, and other factors.

– Ancient Greeks incorporated optical tricks into their art and architecture, laying the historical foundation for optical illusions.

– Humans psychologically enjoy optical illusions, and the brain tends to be fascinated and fooled by these visual tricks.

– Optical illusions involve techniques that deceive the brain into perceiving something that may not actually be present.

– The human brain assembles images based on expectations, sometimes leading to confusion when presented with deceptive visual stimuli.

– An intriguing hidden Girls Face optical illusion is presented as a challenge for both quick-witted and less quick-witted minds.

– Solving optical illusions can serve as an IQ booster, testing the cognitive capabilities of individuals.

– Optical illusions create a variety of visual effects, highlighting the impact of image arrangement, colors, light, and other variables in the perceptual experience.

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