Outlander Book Club: Chapter 99: Tell the Bees I'm Gone

Roger apologizes to Brianna at the beginning of the chapter. She only assures him that everything is alright. Roger enters the Brumby home because he is hungry and needs to wash.

Brianna discovers Henrike and Angelina discussing the fight and possibly what Roger has witnessed.

That the two think Roger was on the British side of the action surprises Brianna. That reminds her of Pulaski and how they believed she was also a loyalist. 

What is the extent of the Greys' influence? Regarding the war effort, what have they done?

But Bree's thoughts return to Roger. She discovers the letter he was going to send her as she goes upstairs to his clothes. 

She discovers that he was present throughout the conflict. On the battlefield, he was present.

She initially becomes upset, but then she understands that she just overlooked everything a minister would do.

She wasn't expecting that he would be on the front lines tending to the dying, even if she was ready for the weddings and funerals.

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