Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees I'm Gone Chapter 97 summary

Brianna must return to the Brumby's mansion in Outlander Book 9, Chapter 97. On the journey, a story unfolds, and Roger is involved in it in some manner.

John Cinnamon stays behind to accompany Brianna back to the Brumby mansion. On the way, they stop for some mourners, which brings up some of the war's tragic casualties. 

When Bree sees the two smaller dead bodies, she can't help but think about her own children.

This is also an opportunity for Bree and William to converse more. There's a lovely scene where William begins to address Lord John Grey as his father.

Bree observes that Jamie would not mind this, and despite Jamie's current feelings for Lord John Grey, Bree is correct.

Bree and Roger are reconciled at the end of the chapter. The finish has a soothing effect.

The chapter does provide some foreshadowing. In the post's foreshadowing part, I'll discuss my thoughts on that.

We could see this being used for adaption. I believe we'll see Bree and Roger in Savannah, albeit perhaps not for the same reasons. In the adaption part, I'll provide my thoughts on this.

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