Outlander boss talks about changing Jamie’s injury from the book

The first half of Outlander season 7 has come to an end. While we wait for the second half, we have some questions regarding the midseason finale, 

"Turning Points," in which Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) has his finger smashed at the second Battle of Saratoga. 

If you haven't read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, you might be surprised to hear that things play out differently on the page.  

Jamie had to get his finger removed in the novels. On the episode, though, his medic wife Claire saves it.  

Why the shift? My hunch is that the program didn't want to have a hero who was so physically harmed; after all, 

a big part of why people watch Outlander is to see Sam Heughan, and giving him a physical disability may take them out of that illusion.  

Keeping audiences engrossed is a huge element of producer Matthew B. Roberts' mission statement, he said on The Official Outlander Podcast. 

It appears that the writing team never truly considered Jamie losing his finger, but they do want to include his injury.  

"We knew we were going to have some issues with the hand," stated Roberts. "The wound in the book is very severe, 

and we knew we didn't have enough runway to allow for perfect healing." We had to hop through time throughout the episode, which was always a concern. 

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