Outlander producer open to the possibility of a movie

The prospect of an Outlander movie is indeed an exciting idea that brings joy to fans worldwide. 

The expansive Outlander universe continues to grow through its books, planned spinoffs, and now the possibility of a cinematic extension. 

The impending closure of the flagship series with its eighth season and the development of the prequel series, "Blood of My Blood," 

focusing on Jamie's parents, lay the groundwork for potential future projects like a movie. 

Maril Davis, the executive producer, expressed enthusiasm about the idea of an Outlander movie, highlighting that while it might not happen immediately 

it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Factors such as the willingness of the writers, 

The desire for closure and peace for Jamie and Claire's characters at the end of the series is palpable.  

Davis envisions a serene conclusion for the couple, possibly in Hawaii, far removed from the chaos and turmoil that has defined their lives. 

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