Outlander star John Bell talks Young Ian’s grim future

It seems Ian's character in Outlander is facing a turbulent emotional journey in the upcoming episodes. 

Wrestling with the aftermath of his actions and the guilt associated with taking a life, 

Ian experiences inner turmoil, questioning his morality and struggling with his past choices. 

Arch's ominous words about reappearing when Ian has something valuable hint at impending danger or threats that will persist throughout the rest of the season. 

Executive producer Maril Davis hinted at the weight Ian carries due to his past actions, and the consequences of his relationship with Arch will unfold as the story progresses.  

This threat looming over Ian's head signifies ongoing tension and potential danger for him and those close to him. 

While it might seem predictable that Jamie and Claire would be targets, John Bell, who portrays Ian, 

suggests something unexpected with the arrival of a new character that could significantly alter the dynamics and threats Ian faces 

This hints at potential plot twists and heightened stakes, indicating that Ian might need to take drastic measures to protect his loved ones. 

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