Oyelowo, David and Jessica Acknowledge First-Look Terms with Apple TV+

David Oyelowo, who appears in Apple TV+'s Silo, is expanding his partnership with the streaming service. 

Through their Yoruba Saxon label, the actor and his wife and production partner, Jessica Oyelowo, have secured a first-look contract with Apple TV+.  

Under the multi-year agreement, the business will create both series and feature film projects that Apple will have first dibs on. 

Yoruba Saxon, together with MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, is a producer on Paramount+'s Lawmen: Bass Reeves 

Oyelowo plays the lead role, for which he received a Golden Globe nod on Monday.  

The Oyelowos' company has also produced Nightingale, Captive, A United Kingdom 

and Come Away, among other titles, and will collaborate with MACRO Television Studios to develop Apple TV+'s upcoming series Government Cheese.  

The latter is a dramedy based on Paul Hunter's short film, which he co-created with Aeysha Carr.  

Silo, on the other hand, has been renewed for a second season on Apple TV+.  

Oyelowo also has the thriller Role Play, starring Kaley Cuoco, and Sony Pictures' The Book of Clarence in the works. 

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