Politicians urge Taylor Swift to postpone LA concerts in solidarity with striking hotel worker

LOS ANGELES — California’s lieutenant governor and other elected officials on Tuesday urged Taylor Swift to postpone her Los Angeles concerts as a way to stand

in solidarity with striking hotel workers. Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis and dozens of state and local politicians signed an open letter telling Swift that her tour makes the

region’s hotels money, with some properties “doubling and tripling what they charge because you are coming.”

” Meanwhile, the letter said, many housekeepers and other hotel workers can’t afford to live close to their jobs and some sleep in

their cars and risk losing their homes. “Hotel workers are fighting for their lives. They are fighting for a living wage. They have gone on strike.

Now, they are asking for your support,” they wrote. “Stand with hotel workers and postpone your concerts.”

Reputation and 1989 are two performances that Ginnie, a Swiftie content creator located in New York City,

claims she couldn't afford to attend. Ginnie is the owner of the @thethriftyswiftie TikTok account; 

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