Republican Colorado asks USSC to overturn Trump's 2024 ballot prohibition.

According to the Colorado Republican Party, the state Supreme Court's historic decision ,

to bar Donald Trump on Colorado's 2024 ballot has been challenged to the US Supreme Court.

The Colorado GOP, which was a party in the case as well, is battling to keep Trump on its primary ballot in March.  

Trump is anticipated to file his appeal shortly, although he hasn't done so yet.Due to the appeal, 

the state court's stay of the decision, which was supposed to end on January 4, will be perpetually prolonged until  ,

the US Supreme Court makes an announcement on its decision to take up the appeal and, if it does, until it renders a verdict.

The leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination is also drawn into yet another issue, 

drawing the nine federal justices into it. Aside from Trump's criminal case for election subversion, the high court is also interested in other cases.Shortly after the complaint was filed, 

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