Scientists say ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ may infect humans amid US case increase.

According to the Independent, American researchers have cautioned against the transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), which affects wildlife, to people. 

Animals suffering from the disease, commonly referred to as "Zombie Deer Disease," slobber and become confused. 

It was discovered at Yellowstone National Park for the first time in November. 

In Wyoming, the illness was found in 800 samples of elk, moose, and deer. 

Experts have described the CWD as a "slow-moving disaster," and countries are being forcefully urged to get ready in case it spreads to people. 

Thirteen states in the US have recorded cases of the sickness, according to the Centers for sickness Control and Prevention. 

The British epidemic of mad cow disease served as an illustration of how quickly chaos can arise when something spills over from, say, cattle to people. 

We are discussing the possibility that something like this could happen. Although no one is predicting it will occur, people should be ready, according to CWD researcher Dr. Cory Anderson in an interview with The Guardian.

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