Sofia Coppola found Romy's ‘rebellious’ Funny TikTok video

– Sofia Coppola praises daughter Romy for going viral on TikTok despite strict family views on privacy and social media.

– Raised to be private, Sofia sees Romy's rebellious TikTok video as the best way for her to express herself.

– Romy Mars, 16, shared a video making vodka pasta sauce, revealing her attempt to use dad's credit card for a helicopter ride.

– The video, deleted since, sparked discussions on nepotism and gained compliments for Romy's filmmaking and comedy skills.

– Sofia's parenting choices were questioned, but she emphasizes her desire to keep her daughters from becoming jaded by fame.

– Coppola, known for "Lost in Translation," explains her parents' rule against public social media accounts to avoid nepotism.

– Romy's parents are Sofia Coppola and Phoenix rocker Thomas Mars; her attempt to break the rules drew attention.

– Sofia, an Oscar-winning director, expresses discomfort with public discussions about her parenting choices.

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