Something That Would Win Your Adoration for The Clown in Buggy, Season 2 on Netflix

Buggy the Clown (Jeff Ward) is one of the characters viewers have grown to love in Netflix's One Piece adaption, despite the fact that he is officially a villain.   

Buggy appears at the end of the first episode of One Piece, although he does not meet Luffy D. Monkey (Iaki Godoy) and the Straw Hat Pirates until the second installment.   

In "The Man in the Straw Hat," episode 2 of One Piece season 1, he kidnaps Luffy, Nami (Emily Rudd), and Zoro (Mackenyu) in order to retrieve the map they stole from the Marines.  

Although his debut makes him appear cartoonishly nasty — he takes an entire town hostage in a circus tent and compels everyone to laugh on cue  

Buggy the Clown turns out to be a more complex figure than viewers might imagine. Perhaps this is why there has been so much interest in Buggy's live-action adaptation.  

Even as a villain, he is likable in Netflix's One Piece, which bodes well for One Piece season 2 and beyond.  

Despite the fact that Buggy the Clown threatens to kill Luffy and his comrades in Netflix's live-action One Piece, the series makes it simple to root for him.  

For one thing, he's so outrageous and amusing that he improves every scene in which he appears.   

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