Sophie Skelton Talks Brianna's Scary Attack

The character of Brianna Randall Fraser (Sophie Skelton) in Outlander is given significant  ,

development in this season. As last week's outstanding episode—which focused on Bree's  ,

arrival in the 18th century and marked the first in the series in which neither Claire (Caitriona Balfe) nor Jamie (Sam Heughan) appear onscreen—proved, 

she's more than just "Claire's daughter." But Brianna is in for more surprises—both happy and terrifying—after traveling through the stones than she bargained for,  

and tonight's episode, "Wilmington," represents both a high and a sad time in her life. 

There is a lot of hope for the future at the start of the episode. In last week's episode, Brianna came to terms with the legacy of her adoptive father, Frank. This week,  

she travels to the colonies with the intention of locating her parents, getting to know her biological father for the first time,  

and alerting them to the possibility of their impending demise. Bree's intentions are derailed when Roger shows up in Wilmington,  

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