Spider-Man's Gang War Reintroduces a Vintage Marvel Supervillain Organization

Since resuming her rightful place in the Marvel Universe, the eponymous hero of Spider-Woman #2 has worked feverishly to discover what happened to her lately disappeared son, Gerry Drew.

Now, her pursuit for answers, combined with Marvel's ongoing Gang War, has thrown her headfirst into yet another catastrophic set of circumstances, 

this time in the form of Hydra's resurrection, led by none other than Madame Hydra herself, Ophelia Sarkissian.

Hydra, the enormous, malevolent organization, was first featured in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's "Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Man For the Job" from Strange Tales #135 in 1965. 

Though Hydra has a centuries-long history, it was revived as an openly fascist force of evil during the Second World War.

Hydra has been at the center of several of Marvel Comics' most important stories in the years since their debut.

The most recent was 2015's Secret Empire, in which Hydra successfully took over the United States through a series of complicated, reality-altering events.

Despite their global takeover during Secret Empire in 2015, Hydra has subsequently faded into oblivion in the years since their demise.

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