Stop Pestering George R.R. Martin!

Please listen, procrastinators, boss-havers, and degenerate undergraduates. Have you ever padded an essay to reach a page limit?

Sneakily increased period font size to boost page count? Said you were working on a deadline when you weren't?

If this describes you, sit alongside George R.R. Martin.

As you may recall, Martin has the most public writer's block ever. He is writing The Winds of Winter, 

the widely anticipated penultimate Game of Thrones book. 

since 2010—and lately, as if to make up for over a decade of missed deadlines, he's been saying the book is worth the wait (funny

I told my British Lit professor the same thing when I needed an extension). In a publisher-arranged livestream last year

 Martin said The Winds of Winter is "about three-quarters of the way done," but he won't give a release date to avoid disappointing readers.

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