Taylor Swift and Rolling Stones boost UK record sales at Christmas.

This Christmas, vinyl records were an unexpected smash. Artists like Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, and the Rolling Stones helped drive weekly sales in the UK to their highest point this century during the holiday shopping season.

With a new generation of music fans gravitating toward vintage formats like LPs and cassettes.

The vinyl record renaissance has propelled sales to their greatest yearly level since Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby and Elton John's Sacrifice topped the charts in 1990.

More than 250,000 vinyl albums were sold last week—the highest amount since the year 2000—as fans of music chose to give the traditional format as Christmas presents.

Compared to digital streaming, vinyl records are now highly valued for their cover art, sleeve notes, and warmer sound.

The US singer's sales were bolstered by a growing army of Swifties, while older collectors turned to the classics to complete their collections.

Last week, the best-selling albums were Taylor Swift's new rendition of 1989, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, The Rolling Stones' Hackney Diamonds, Pink Floyd, and Abba Gold.

For the sixteenth year in a row, vinyl record sales have increased overall, surpassing 5.9 million this year—an increase of 11.7% year over year and more than four times the pace seen in 2022.

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