Taylor Swift had the best business year in recent memory.

Taylor Swift does not need to head a huge corporation or lead a central bank to wield enormous economic influence this year. 

In 2023, the pop sensation ruled not just as a musician, but also as a businessman: Swift's career-defining "Eras" tour sold out stadiums worldwide, fans splurged on items while attending her concerts, 

the film of her tour smashed box office records in its first weekend, and Swift herself became a millionaire along the way.Swift accomplished things that would impress any ordinary business leader heading a Fortune 500 company. 

She commanded a devoted following of fans who came out in force to spend, and in an economy dominated by consumer spending, that's success for any company leader - whether or not they have the title of "chief executive officer." (Here is CNN Business' selection for CEO of the Year.) 

"She's a business powerhouse," said Armen Shaomian, an associate professor of sport and entertainment management at the University of South Carolina. 

No other corporate leader in recent memory has garnered as much consumer loyalty, worldwide enthusiasm, or business competence. 

That is why Swift has been named CNN's businessperson of the year, a further recognition of the renowned singer's enormous influence on the world's richest capitalistic society. 

Swift's Eras tour, which will run until the end of 2024, was the highlight of her incredible year. Swift's tour "was the biggest" in StubHub's two-decade history, outpacing other successful performers in terms of ticket sales. 

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