Taylor Swift "is Yoko Ono-ing": The Chiefs' losing streak causes annoyance in the midst of the romance with Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't been able to find their winning formula lately, and some supporters are making strange accusations. 

 Talk about pop sensation Taylor Swift and her attendance at Arrowhead Stadium gets louder after every defeat. 

 A number of NFL fans, and even commentators, have found a way to blame someone for simply going to the game to support their team, even though they should be concentrating on their players and their practice regimen.

Some view Swift as a helpful teammate, while others question whether her arrival is related to the team's downturn.

The Chiefs were not happy about Christmas because their chances of winning the Super Bowl this season seem to be dwindling. 

Some Chiefs fans vented their frustration on Twitter after the disappointing loss on Monday, drawing comparisons between Taylor Swift's attendance at games and earlier rumors regarding Yoko Ono's involvement in the Beatles' breakup.

Some wrote, "So Taylor Swift is the Chiefs equivalent to Yoko Ono," while others thought the comparison applied to both. Travis Kelce appears to be ready to retire, and the Chiefs are not a very good football team. 

For the past seven or eight weeks, he has been useless. It's possible that the two useless Pfizer shots finally caught up to him. That or Taylor Swift is Yoko Ono of the Chiefs. Perhaps both.

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