"Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" will debut in China.

Taylor Swift's concert film, "The Eras Tour," is set to release in China on Dec. 31, marking the completion of her conquest of major global markets in 2023.  

The film's wide release in China is scheduled for New Year's Eve, announced in Beijing at 13:13, a nod to Swift's lucky number. The film has already grossed over $250 million globally.  

Swift is highly popular in China, known affectionately as "Meimei," a playful term combining the Chinese words for "unlucky" and "beautiful."   

Unlike the U.S., where AMC Theatres handled distribution and exhibition, the film is released through conventional means in China.   

Chinese fans often have local nicknames for Western stars, and Swift is referred to as "Meimei," with a dual meaning reflecting her early career challenges and her beauty.  

The film's release in China is through Alibaba Pictures and China Film Group, following more traditional distribution channels.  

Swift celebrated her 34th birthday on Dec. 13 by releasing the extended version of "Eras Tour" for streaming in the U.S., offering fans the opportunity to watch from home.

The movie is available for rent at $19.89, a reference to the year of Taylor Swift's birth and her album.  

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