Test your visual prowess by finding an owl in the forest in 8 seconds!

Nowadays, optical illusions are popular internet challenges. It may be the easiest approach to assess sight and attentiveness.

Engaging the brain and eyes with optical illusion puzzles improves problem-solving and critical thinking.

Optical illusions also promote cognition by stimulating the brain and improving reasoning and analysis.

From Bright Side The image above shows a woodland. A hidden owl must be found in 8 seconds.

This will test your visual skills well. Your time begins! View the image attentively.  Do you see the owl? 

The kitties hid well in the photo.  Have you seen them? Readers with keen eyes will spot the kitties first.Two are sitting on the lady's lap 

and one underneath the gentleman's leg on the chair. It was hard, right? Enjoy this optical illusion challenge? 

Share it with family and friends to see who solves it fastest. Try more difficulties from our recommended reading before leaving.

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