The Best Glitter Nail Ideas For Your Winter 2023 Manicures

Let's be real. Everyone enjoys seeing a little glitter on their nails (even if it is buried deep, deep down). And there's no better time than winter to show off your sparkly side

With so many holiday celebrations in December (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year, to name a few), it seems wrong not to add a little sparkle

to your manicure.And there are so many options. "Think about different types of glitter polish. There are overlays with glitter suspended in a shear base that you can use to paint over an existing color. 

There are textures that produce a 3D effect. Then there are full coverage glitters that can be worn alone," Zoya creative director Rebecca Isa told Byrdie.

"Each of these types of glitter polish can be used to create beautiful effects in the nail," she said. And she is correct. There are so many different glitter manicures

 out there that you're bound to find one that you like, whether you like to go all out with the sparkle or keep it to a minimum.

So, with that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite glitter manicures for winter 2023.

White holographic glitter is perfect for winter, and this light sparkle manicure is anything but basic. This manicure features snowflakes, cable knit

White holographic glitter is a staple for winter months

Since rose gold has been trendy, why not use it on your winter nails? In this stunning look, rose gold glitter covers three nails and frames

Or incorporate rose gold into your winter manicure for a modern twist

Not all glitter is fine enough to brush on for nails. Some glitter applications require more precision. This look uses chunkier glitter delicately placed 

You can also get creative with matte glitter chunks

Why not make your mark with one of the many nail glitter options? Triangles of cool-toned holographic glitter create a snow-like design

But chunky glitter doesn't have to cover the nail (or be round for that matter)

When the temperature drops, red glitter nails are a classic because we associate winter with Christmas. A bright red glitter all over is seasonal but sophisticated and fun. 

Red glitter is an absolute staple

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