The Director of Moon Knight Confirms Jake Lockley's Secret.

One of Moon Knight's directors confirmed what fans felt about Jake Lockley.

Lockley was Oscar Isaac's main character's third personality. The other two were Marc Spector and Steven Grant, whom the audience got to know throughout the show.

A third personality for Moon Knight (Jake Lockley) was heavily teased throughout the series. His existence was not verified until the post-credits scene in the season finale, which gave fans their first proper look at Jake.

In the pages of Marvel Studios Moon Knight: The Art of the Series, one of the show's directors, Mohamed Diab, disclosed a critical piece of information regarding Jake Lockley and those blackouts that fans had already known.

The information came up as Diab was discussing the series' blackouts, which "became more interesting to direct" than the action sequences:

"Directing the blackout became more exciting than directing the action... We've all seen big action scenes before, but now anything can happen in a split second. 

You could be transferred somewhere else and have no idea why. Even the protagonist has no idea what transpired! That had everyone hooked to their chairs."

"In the end, we found out that the blackouts were caused by Jake." It was a major question whether Jake would appear on our show or not. We tried to include him in various iterations, but he ended up being in the show without being in the performance—which I love."

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