The "Eras Tour" stop in Brazil for Taylor Swift features a live outfit malfunction.

During the first stop of Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' in Brazil, a fan was killed. 

Taylor Swift had a wardrobe malfunction  

when she hit the stage for her postponed Brazil concert on Monday night. 

Swift returned to the stage after being unable to perform due to "extreme temperatures" on Saturday night. 

The show, however, got off to a rocky start when the singer-songwriter was seen on camera ripping the sole of her dazzling, knee-high Louboutin stiletto off. 

The incident occurred toward the start of her concert during the "Lover" era. 

Swift maintained her cool as she knelt to remove the heel and hurl it into the audience. 

The rest of the act went off without a hitch, and the pop sensation will now head to So Paulo, Brazil, for her final three shows in 2023. 

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